Bow Re-Hairs,                  Repairs  &  Fine  Restorations.                 Sound set-ups and adjustments
    One of our services is rehairing of violin, viola and cello bows.  This service is very
    demanding and contingent upon weather, humidity or dryness, to achieve the
    correct length of hair for your bow.  Different density and weight of the bow stick
    determines the amount of hair needed  for each specific bow.
    As a Bow Maker I can understand  these factors, just from flexing the stick.  There
    are many grades and thicknesses of bow hair, some are coarse and others are
    thinner and softer, all affecting the playing quality of your bow. Cello bows require
    a thicker hair that gives a stronger attack, more grip to the hair. We can help you
    make the right choice for your bow hair.
  "Quality Bow Hair"makes a difference in your musical expression.
Your violin is not sounding like it was???

"No charge" for  basic adjustment .

Guarantee to improve your sound or you do
not pay.
The neck  of this violin has come loose from impact or that the original gluing had

The seams have come loose, the upper and lower part of the body have separated
and need to be reglued.  Fortunately the ribs still have the original curvature and
will easily fit back into it's original place and reglued.  

If there is a need for internal repair and the  work is done, then  the top is reglued
with hot hide  glue and allowed to dry for a minimum of three hours. Next the
instrument is set up, restrung and adjusted to obtain the best quality of sound.
Save your favorite violin or cello or... Any other
instrument in need of restoration. This violin is not as
destroyed as the violin below and can be restored.  It is
worth bringing your damaged instrument to our shop for
evaluation and an opinion..

Do not attempt to repair or revarnish any of your
instruments at home. The use of the wrong type of glue
can hinder proper restoration.  Leave it to the experts and
your  favorite instrument can be restored without
unnecessary complications.
With expert restoration the sound will not be hindered.
It could even sound better....

Many fine master violins, cellos have been almost destroyed  
but worthy of repair. With the skilled techniques of a master
restorer  it can be restored to almost invisible.

Any damage or loss initiates the question whether your
is appraised and insured for it's replacement value.  We can
you with an examination and written appraisal of your
instrument for
your insurance carrier.

Stephen Derek was the Repairman at the Aspen Musical Festival for years.
           Improve the sound
  of your violin, cello or viola
 with fine  aged wood bridges!!
  Guaranteed Professional  Bridge n Post set-ups!!!  
   Cello or
Bass Repairs
  Everything can  be repaired.
        Repairs of seams, cracks, peg
   boxes,  any part that  has come
  Written or Verbal
"AGED" sound post
        & Bridges   

 "Insurance" is just that extra protection                
specially when you do not think anything will
happen to your instrument.
We can refer you to Insurance carriers  that          
write specific musical instrument  coverage.
. They will require a current  appraisal of your
instrument, which we can  provide for you! Call us
today for assistance.  
From this  condition
to  a fine restoration  below.
   Fine old violins deserve to sing forever  
    Get an estimate
 of  your  repair.
   Stephen Derek making a violin
Family Crest
 A Hopeful Repair!
   NEW !  Finest quality hair for fine bows  and their players!
and fitting
fine bridges
for quality
Resurrect the sound of your Violin  Viola  Cello
      Corner Repair  
         Neck Reset
Top crack repair
   Your Favorite Bow
    Can be repaired!
    Bridge Warped?
  Need a new bridge
Improve  your sound!
Old violins have a soul.
   Older, the sweeter
          the sound!
         Maestro at work, making music!

 Major  Top  Repair  Before n After
   Major top cracks restored